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Welcome to Azienda Agraria LA CHIONA web site !

We are specialized in farming and harvesting high quality  Pulses and Cereals, offering and selling either directly to the end consumer and to shops and grocery stores the following products:

    Our Farm is located in Umbria Region of Italy, in the territory of Spello, in a high value agricultural area  named Southern Umbria Valley.

    Since early 2000, our Farm has dedicated all the land to the growth of local and ancient varieties of Cereals and Pulses,  that we process right after the summer harvest and we pack and sell with our labelling and trade mark.

    It is a primary objective of our Farm let our Customers know and appreciate the value and main characteristics of of our products,like  Quality, Taste, Genuinity and Nutritional Value.
    It is our intent to create and make it visible to our Customers the clear link between our Products-land of origin-Spello territory, in order to make it clear the differentiation between our products and the others, apparently similar, and imported from foreign Countries and with origin sometimes unknown and not declared in the packaging label.


    “Grow, harvest, process and offer to our Clients high Quality products, farmed in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, by controlling directly each step of the process, according to our Quality Manual, using the methodology of Sustainable Farming, deploying high standard of Environmental, Social and Ethical Responsibility, using  the Continuous Improvement approach and  Zero contribution of CO2 to the environment

     Presentation of Azienda Agraria LA CHIONA